Since, we started operating the Vestal Coal House in late 2012, our goal was always to make this place a health and wellness community center. We started out with a couple 5K races in 2012 and 2013. We just kept growing and growing..and organizing more and more events. Today, we host over 30 runs and walks per year as well as several health and wellness programs. Almost all of our events has a charity tied into it. We could not be happier with the community support and what we are able to provide to the area.

We have programs for all ages and abilities. Programs specifically for the youth include FIT KIDS (annual summer workout program ages 5-15 sponsored by Five Star Urgent Care), Kids on Track (annual summer/fall running and walking program sponsored by UHS) and GROW (Girls Run Our World – annual fall running program for youth girls in 5th and 6th grade). We have a fun running and walking program and festival for seniors – “The Seniors Running and Walking Program”  where people ages 55 and up train at the Coal House every week in the summer and the program culminates into a 5K and 1 Mile Running and Walking Festival. Another fun wellness program we have is Monday Track Meets and Workouts, which is free and open to everyone. We time runners in the 1/2 mile, mile, and 2 mile. You can run the track meet or they also have an option to participate in a workout conducted by fitness experts.

Lastly, as many of you know we have numerous runs and walks to benefit charities. We have at least one per month, as many as four in a month. We have live music and entertainment at almost all of our events, as well as refreshments, awards and a free kids run. We try to make it as much fun as we can! Many of the run/walks have themes such as the Neon Night Run (Glow Run) in July, Heroes and Villains Halloween Run, and Christmas Cookie Run in December. In addition to all the health and wellness events, we also have other fun community events such as Easter at the Coal House, The Haunted Rail Trail, Christmas at the Coal House, trivia, and open mic music nights!

Check out our full schedule on the Events Tab. All these programs are annual, so they will be back next year!