Goat Lope 5K Results

Goat Lope 5 K Sunday, October 21, 2019 Goat Lope 5K

Vestal Coal House Teams up with Waterman’s Distillery to Host Weekly Trivia Night on Wednesday’s!

The Vestal Coal House is taking the trivia show on the road and teaming up with Waterman's Distillery to bring you trivia nights every Wednesday starting October 9th and running through January 1st! Each trivia session will take place at Waterman's Distillery in...

Broome Oncology Sock Out Cancer Results 5K

Broome Oncology Sock Out Cancer 5K Sunday, September 29, 2019 Vestal Coal House Broome Oncology Sock Out Cancer Overall Results Broome Oncology Sock Out Cancer Age Group...

Join the 2019 Coal House Fitness Club!

The 2019 Coal House Fitness Club returns for the 2019 year! Last year was such a blast and we hope to grow the club even more. See below for club details.   2018 Final Standings: Coal House Fitness Club FINAL Standings   Join the club: http://chfitness.eventbrite.com...

Fresh Food, Fitness, and Fun

The Fresh Food & Drinks The historic Coal House Café offers a variety of  smoothies, all-natural milkshakes, 100% fruit and vegetable “fit juice”, fresh & unique sandwiches & wraps, ice cream, coffee & tea, and more. Our mission is nutrition, and we have a vast menu to fit your need.

The Fitness We offer a series of runs and walks, including certified 5Ks and 10ks. These fun themed events benefit many local community and non-profit organizations. We also host track meets and workouts for all ages and abilities.

The Fun Live music, weekly trivia nights, holiday events, festivals, comedy shows, and weekly open mic music nights.