Over 120 excited kids converged at the Coal House Sunday afternoon for the opening day at the “Kids on Track program” sponsored By UHS. All the kids gathered to listen to an opening speech by the Coal House, UHS, and program instructor Matt Gawors of Confluence Running. They stretched and then hit the trail with the instructors, walking and running and having a good time. All the kids received a mile tracker to log how many miles they have walked or run each week. We were so happy to see all these happy kids running and walking and having fun with their friends. Our goal is to positively impact the community through health and wellness and strive to reach all age groups and abilities — all while having fun!

A day earlier we hosted the Seniors Running an Walking Festival, targeted towards people 55 and older. This drew 150 walkers, runners, and wheel chair participants. The festival, organized by Vince Fox, was part of a 9 week program which culminated into the festival. It is so great to see the camaraderie and wellness initiative among the senior community. This past weekend summed up what we are all about – health and wellness of all age groups and abilities.

Besides these two programs, we have many other health and wellness programs throughout the year, including FIT KIDS, Girls Run Our World, Monday Track Meets and Workouts, and over 30 runs and walks. Check out our full schedule on the Events Tab. All these programs are annual, so they will be back next year if you one!